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2017 Health Insurance plans for California small businesses with 2 to 100 full time equivalent employees.

We offer our small business clients in California eight different insurance companies.  Some of the insurance companies are regional and some are national.  National insurance companies tend to be higher cost then regional insurance companies for the same or similar benefits.  If you need national coverage for your employees, you will want to stick with one of the national insurance carriers.  In addition to offering health plans directly with the insurance companies, we also offer CaliforniaChoice, the California private exchange.  With CaliforniaChoice you will be able to offer your employees several different health insurance companies and multiple benefit options.  Please contact us today for quotes for your small business.  You can call us at 877-686-5433 for immediate service or you can write to us at

The national insurance carriers that we use are:

1. Unitedhealthcare
2. Aetna 
3. Anthem Blue Cross
4. Healthnet

The regional insurance carriers that we use are:

1. Kaiser Permanente
2. Sharp Health plans
3. Sutter Health
4. Western Health 

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